Asana & Antipasti

Asana & Antipasti is another kind of afterwork. Mindful movement, tasty and healthy food, no work talk.

Join us for an evening of yoga, which is perfectly suited for yoga beginners, tasty antipasti bites, and fresh summer drinks on the rooftop of Mandalahof with 360 degrees view over the Vienna inner city on Wednesday, 14.06., 18:30 – 21:30. 

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ORIGINS Yoga Retreat
September 2023 dates coming up

Join me on a journey back home. To yourself. To your roots. To Mama Nature. Earth. Water. Fire. Air. And all that’s in between.

A forest residence made of wood and stone, hidden in the lush forests of Stara Planina, Bulgaria.

5 days/4 nights, 2 yoga practices and 3 delicious vegan meals with local ingredients per day.

Each day we’ll dive into one of Ayurveda‘s elements with corresponding yoga, meditation, and breathing practices, as well as mindfulness tools that will ground, center, and revitalize you, while bringing you back to the only moment that ever exists – the present.

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Mindful Holiday

The end of the year is a time of giving, so I am honoured to invite you to this FREE end-of-the-year Mindful Holiday – 90 minutes of reflection, movement, meditation, and mindfulness with me in the midst of holiday season. So looking forward to see you inside.

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Asana & Antipasti

Join us on Tuesday, 10.01.2022 18:30 – 21:30 at Brick15 for a beautiful 90 minute yoga flow (all levels welcome) and delicious vegan antipasti.

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Love letters from my clients

Absolutely loved the experience every time. Dessie’s classes are carried out professionally and are effective in terms of what you would expect from a yoga class. What makes Dessie’s sessions special to me is the feeling during and after them – these are some of the most calming and balancing sessions I’ve experienced. Dessie makes you feel extremely comfortable while gently guiding you through the class, providing support where required but also freedom when desired. Also, having themed sessions (e.g. grounding) makes the experience special.
Dessie has great energy, one can tell that Yoga is her passion, which makes it a breeze to have the experience to work with her. She makes one feel relaxed and comfortable, reminds one to find presence and focus, alongside her joyful and spirited guidance. Her instructions come from the heart, not from a manual, which makes every session unique and alive.
I really love Dessie’s sessions because of her energy that is super calming and peaceful. The sessions are so well prepared and you can really see how much passion and work she puts into them. Each class has a theme and a focus area and this also makes it super special, because you can feel that mind – body connection even more. And I have seen progress in my practice. Plus, if you are lucky the session has a meditation at the end that she does so brilliantly. A lot of words for 10/10
Dessie’s approach is demanding but also relaxing and energising at the same time. I like it because I have gained more control over weaker areas of my body. The different topics make me want to go back to class each week.
Alessandro Michelotti
Fantastic! For an absolute beginner who was scared to try yoga, this class offered a comforting atmosphere with a lot of care given to my level, and was perfectly balanced between a nice warmup, stretching, and some more difficult poses and finally a short meditation session. Absolutely love Dessie’s classes!
The whole session was pure magic where I could totally relax and feel the moment, but still challenge myself with some great positions. Dessie is really looking after everyone and making sure that we are doing great. My yoga session was a highlight of the day and I felt really amazing during the session and afterwards. Just do it and you will not regret!
Daria S.
It was my first yoga session and it couldn’t be a better start! Dessie showed us different exercises in such a warm and welcoming way making yogis of all different experience levels happy. Can’t wait to continue her classes!
Dessie is a wonderful yoga teacher. The class was super relaxing and I loved her approach of showing the different poses very precise. I had some great learnings and got a little further with my yoga practice. Thank you!
If you wish to be surrounded by a lovely and compassionate human being then I am sure you would enjoy working with Dessie.
I always felt calm and peaceful after my sessions with Dessie.
Her classes are always very well-prepared and thought-through. She offers a variety of poses which are accessible to any levels. Even if you’re new to yoga, she will help you find alternatives to make it feel good for you. It’s not just a class, it’s an entire practice that helps you feel more grounded, relaxed, and at peace. As a bonus, Dessie has a very calming voice! Dessie is very dedicated to what she is doing, so if you want to have a full yoga + meditation + mindfulness practice experience, you should definitely try Dessie’s classes!
Really good experience! Felt grounded and at ease after the session.

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