Welcome to Your Space for a Conscious and Mindful Way of Life

Hi! I'm Dessie. I empower individuals and organisations to transform their personal and work lives though yoga and mindfulness.

Hello and welcome to my website. This space is a home for yoga, meditation, mindfulness, and conscious way of life. I’ve created the space that I wish existed at the beginning of my own mindfulness journey. 

My mission is to bring more awareness, physical and mental health, and happiness to every individual and organisation looking to make their life and work more fulfilling. Today, an unseen before amount of people like me and you are rethinking their way of life and looking for more balance and fulfilment. I am here to help you go back to your “why”, decrease stress and anxiety, feel more connected to yourself and others, and find joy in each moment. 

Let's meet

Hi, I’m Dessie! I am a soulful entrepreneur, a certified yoga, meditation, and mindfulness teacher, as well as a podcast host of the top-rated podcast “D Sustainability Issue” where I talk about mindfulness and sustainability.

I am also a BSc.in International Business and a MSc. in Strategy, Innovation and Management Control from the Vienna University of Economics and Business with 5+ years of business development and marketing experience in the corporate as well as start-up worlds.

Let's yoga together

Here’s how I can help you heal, grow, and lead with the heart.

Live Yoga Classes

You will find me in Vienna and around the world teaching regularly in person as well as online. Right alignment, mindful movement in sync with the breath, and a non-dogmatic approach to spirituality are guiding principles in my sessions. I share the practices that I’ve been fortunate to learn from incredible teachers, that have helped me heal, and design the life I love to live. 

Business Yoga and Mindfulness

Mindfulness techniques are scientifically proven to help us take better decisions, be better communicators, stay healthy in body and mind, and increase focus and leadership flexibility. Combined with specifically designed yoga exercises, they reduce stress and anxiety, increase resilience and divergent thinking, and make for a great team-building activity. 

Yoga and Mindfulness Retreats

Retreats are a wonderful opportunity to immerse yourself in a beautiful environment to connect with nature, with yourself, and with other people in a new way. Since retreats take you out of your usual environment and into a guided journey of self-exploration for a longer period of time, they can truly be life-changing experiences. 

Golden Hour Club - The Community

This is the community I wish existed when I started off on my yoga and mindfulness journey six years ago. Weekly yoga, meditation, and mindfulness classes, self-development, community circles, and exclusive opportunities to connect offline as well. 

Join the Golden Hour Club - Your Community for a Mindful and Conscious Way of Life

The club is your opportunity to get weekly doses of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with Dessie, as well as monthly community circles and constant support on your journey. Pre-register to get notified as soon as the club launches in early 2023.  

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